Check foundation before even stepping in the house


Foundation Repairs and Inspection - New homeowners can check on the foundation before even getting in the house.

1 - Before even getting into the house, check for large trees or shrub growing close to the house and ask the homeowner if there are any root barriers installed between the house and the vegetation.

2 - Future homeowners should look at the ground and see if there are large cracks in the dirt or if the slope of the yard would allow for water to puddle around the foundation of the house. Ask if french drains are needed or installed.

3 - While doing the perimeter walk, check the brick walls, particularly around the fireplace and chimney structures. Look for separation and cracks in the bricks.

4 - While walking around, inspectors should look at the condition of the slab and also the driveway and walking paths around the house for signs of buckling and shifting.

5 - Getting in the house the inspection starts at the front door by making sure it opens freely without sticking. Continuing in the house, future homeowners should look around the frame of the doors and windows to look for cracks. Also, inspect any tiled floor since tiles will split and show any foundation shifting.

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