Foundation Problems Scaring Buyers Away?

Selling a home with foundation problems

As if it wasn't hard enough to sell your home, foundation problems can have a chilling effect on a possible hot buyer.

"If the house goes on the market, signs of foundation problems are most likely a deal breaker." says Julie, owner of Premier Foundation Repair. "Calls from homeowners who have lost a possible buyer due to evidence of foundation problems are not fact, we get calls like that every day"

Foundations repairs can range from $4,000 to $40,000 depending of the severity of the damage. One thing is for sure, delaying and postponing the repairs is not going to make repairs cheaper or easier. Premier Foundation Repair has partnered with great financial institutions to help homeowners with financing for the repairs.

Homeowners can sometime do a quick inspection and notice foundation problems relatively easily. Some foundation problems are:

  1. Sticking doors,
  2. Cracked tiles
  3. Cracked sheetrock around the windows
  4. Cracks in the bricks around the perimeter of the house
Foundation Repairs Cracks

Premier Foundation Repair has a few typical photos showing the common signs of foundation problems here

Getting the foundation repairs done will help the selling of the house go through smoother, particularly when the foundation repairs are backed by a transferable warranty issued by a long standing, reputable company.

If you need help with a professional opinion, call Premier Foundation Repair and get the ball's just something that can not be ignored. Sometimes things are not as bad as you think and the repairs can be done quickly and not for as much as the homeowner may think.