Happy Father's Day with long lasting gift ideas.


Need a father’s day gift that he surely will appreciate? Foundation repairs ideas

How many times can you buy ‘best dad ever’ mugs and t-shirts, really? This year, give him a gift that will save money and free up his time to spend with his loved ones. Here are a few great ideas:

  1. Install soaker hoses around the foundation of the family residence. Have a game plan by tracing where the hoses should go before you start digging. Always start the project before the day gets hot and take frequent breaks to hydrate. If you need help with how-to make this project happen, visit our blog article on how to prevent foundation repairs with the proper use of soaker hoses here.
  2. Install root barriers in the garden between the large trees and the residence foundation. Large trees can have massive root systems that can damage the foundation of your house by absorbing all the moisture out of the ground.
  3. Clean out the gutters and down spouts. Have someone else in the family with you since you will be up on a latter most of the time. Afterwards, install gutter guards to help with the maintenance in the future.
  4. Check and adjust the sprinkler’s head and make sure the ground around the house is getting the right amount of water and there are no wasteful leaks and broken heads. Dallas is already in a perennial drought and we need to help conserve as much water as possible.
  5. Least but not last, clean out that garage! You know he see it every day when he comes home from work.

Those gifts idea are fairly inexpensive. The biggest investment will be your time and sweat. They will save your family money and free up Dad’s time to go out to dinner with the family or fire up the charcoal for some outdoor cooking. Furthermore, these are gifts that keep-on-giving long after Father’s Day is over and will surely put a smile on your proudest, greatest Dad on earth.


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