Need foundation repairs in Dallas and Ft. Worth?

How can you tell if you may have foundation problems?

  • Look around and inside your residence. Foundation cracks or shifting are visible at the slab level and throughout the house. Look at the examples below to find out if you are in need of foundation repairs.
  • Doors not closing properly is one usual indication of your foundation shifting and needing repairs. Look for gaps and cracks around the doors' frame.
  • Sheetrock cracking. When the foundations start to shift, the wall corners start to crack.
  • Brick separation and cracking mostly visible in the mortar lines is most times and indication of needed foundation repairs. Schedule a visit so we can help with your foundation problems
door won't close
door won't close
brick separation
brick separation

Remember that moisture control is the key to keeping your home's foundation in good shape and preventing foundation repairs in Dallas.

Use a sprinkler system to prevent foundation repairs?

An automated sprinkler system can help you maintain a stable moisture level in your soil.

Use soaker hoses and traditional sprinklers

If you don't have an automated system, use other means of irrigation to prevent your foundation from cracking.

How to prevent foundation repairs in Dallas if your soil is too wet?

Sometime you have too much moisture in the soil which will also cause foundation problems and cracks. Let Premier Foundation Repair Dallas evaluate your drainage, gutter system and  possible plumbing leaks. We will help you with  the root cause and perform the foundation repairs needed in Dallas and Ft. Worth

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