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The clay soil in the Dallas / Fort Worth area creates significant problems for the foundations of homes and commercial buildings.  Our climate places consistent stress on your foundation: the soaring temperatures of summer and the dramatic changes in rainfall cause the soil to expand and contract.  As the ground expands and contracts, building foundations can crack and shift under the pressure. 
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Here’s What Can Cause Foundation Problems That Damage Your Home or Building:

1. Rapid Evaporation
In dryer conditions throughout the year, the dry wind and can cause soil to shrink beneath your foundation. When your concrete foundation can’t expand and contract with the clay soil underneath, the additional stress may cause cracks to appear throughout the structure. This is called
perimeter edge drop. Soils begin to dry around the edge of your house perimeter. Unless you identify and fix the causes of these cracks, they can get worse rapidly.

2. Tree Roots Causing Transpiration
Overgrown vegetation can affect soil conditions around and under a structure in negative ways. The damage is most frequently the result of large bushes and trees planted too close the building, causing the soil to dry out and shrink. This condition is magnified during dry conditions, which force the roots lo consume more moisture and to extend further under a structure for their own survival.

3. Plumbing Leaks

When a plumbing leak occurs under a slab, moisture is added to the soil. As moisture is added to the soil from the leak, soil and foundation movement often result. The amount of movement depends upon soil type, soil expansiveness, soil density, soil moisture content before the leak, and other factors. Sanitary sewer systems and domestic water supply tests should be performed if distress symptoms are present.

4. Drainage
If rainfall runoff is allowed to pond or collect adjacent to a structure built on expansive soil, the structure may be subjected to distress caused by the soil beneath the structure swelling as a direct result of increased soil moisture content.

5. Inferior Foundation Construction
Insufficient steel and poor concrete can contribute to movement in the slab.

6. Inferior Ground Preparation
Soft soils or improperly compacted soil are the leading causes of foundation failure. Cut-and-fill situations should be prepared properly before soil can support a structure.

7. Poor Soil Conditions
The constant shrinking and swelling of soils due to moisture content is one of the most common issues in the Dallas area for foundation problems.


6 Most Common Identification Factors of Foundation Problems in Dallas

The most common warning signs of foundation problems are usually when your home experiences garage door separation, floors bowing or sinking, cracks in drywall or ceilings, doors or windows sticking, fireplaces pulling away and/or brick veneer cracks on the outside of your home. 

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