Foundation Repairs Myths and Facts!

A few foundation repair myths and facts to help the homeowner make a more sound decision.

  • Myth: Lifting foundation will cause more problems.

    Fact: When foundation repairs are done correctly, the floors will be leveled to a more acceptable level position (no house has perfectly level floors). There may be cosmetic cracks that appear on the drywall, some doors may need adjustment. The cracks can be repaired after the structure has been lifted, it is preferable to wait to repair cracks for approximately 6 weeks to 6 months.

  • Myth: Foundation repair will decrease the value of the house.

    Fact: When a reputable company performs the foundation repair and guarantees the work, most prospective buyers should find value in the fact that the problem was address and addressed correctly. In North Texas, it is not IF a house or structure will have a foundation problem but WHEN. Most structures will experience some sort of foundation problem in its lifetime.

  • Myth: After the foundation repairs the structure will be completely level.

    Fact: The objective is to restore the building to as close to its as-built elevation. No structure is ever built to a perfect zero elevation.

  • Myth: The vegetation around the home will not be damaged.

    Fact: Some landscaping may need to be removed and re-planted depending on the size of the plant, it’s age and root system. While care is taken to preserve landscaping, our primary objective is the preservation of home or building. Large shrubs and trees can actually cause foundation problems due to the root system and the amount of water removed from the soil. Landscaping is not guaranteed survival. Nothing above 4 feet is recommended.

  • Myth:  Mud pumping is not needed.

    Fact: Not all repairs will require mud pumping. If a large void is created during a lift or plumbing repair, mud filling is recommended to restore the super under the slab. Mud is usually recommended when lifts exceed 3” or there is a large void. Many companies do not offer the service because they do not own the necessary equipment.

When considering foundation repair, different types of piers may be more suited to an area than another type. We can install 4 different types of piers to offer options for the needed repairs.

At we have helped thousands of homeowners for the past 30+ years. We can evaluate your situation for free.

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How can you help your home foundation for less than $50?

In north Texas we live on top of expansive soil, also called high plasticity soil. It is the kind of clay that swells and shrinks a lot due to the amount of moisture in the ground. The Texas summers go from being really wet to extremely dry causing the soil to expand and contract under your residence’s foundation.

Trying to mitigate this condition is not easy and sometimes impossible. One of the best, most cost-effective tool is a soaker hose (

Soaker hoses are super easy to install and extremely water efficient. Used correctly, they are the homeowner most effective tool at preserving the steadiest level of moisture in the ground.

Here is a short checklist to help you make sure the hoses are set up correctly:

1. Obtain a pressure regulator to make sure the city water pressure is reduced (

2 Make sure the hose is not right up against the foundation perimeter but at least 8 inches away from it.

3. Use a valve with a timer if possible to keep the watering at regular intervals.

4. The hose can be buried 3-4 inches. We don’t think it is necessary (cover with some mulch is best) since the slow drip prevents runoff and evaporation especially if used at night. Once buried any troubleshooting or checking for leaks would be hard to do.

5. Observe the results of watering 30 min the first time and increasing or decreasing as necessary. The goal is to have moist grounds, not too dry or with a puddle of water.

Every 3 years or so do an inspection of the hose for leaks. The hoses will degrade and become damaged by critters’ bites.

There are several other things a homeowner can do to maintain a healthy foundation that includes proper drainage, proper vegetation planted around the house, but the use of soaker hoses is one of the most cost-effective and easier to implement.

Should you need any help evaluating your current situation or if you suspect your residence foundation has been damaged, give us a shout for a free evaluation.
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Summer is here!

The summer has just started and following some rainy beginning, the dry weather will surely arrive. This is Texas after all!  

The ground’s moisture change combined with our high elasticity soil will put stress on every foundation in DFW and cause the usual spike in foundation repairs.

As Julie from Premier Foundation Repairs Inc. stated "The foundation of your house in Dallas are unfortunately sitting on very expansive soils. This type of soil is very sensitive to moisture, causing large amount of swelling and shrinking depending on how much water is present."

At Premier Foundation Repair Inc. we have been repairing foundations for over 30 years have a few suggestions for the homeowners to help prevent foundation damages.

1. If possible, use soaker hoses so the grounds’ moisture levels around the home's foundation maintain as constant as possible level moisture.

2. Occasionally use of a sprinkler system and soaker hoses together but make sure to keep the soaker hoses 14-16” away from the perimeter of the residence’s foundation.

3. Conserve as much water as possible by watering the yard at night when evaporation is greatly reduced and the watering cycle is more efficient.

4. Do not allow water to pool too close to the foundation.

5. Periodically do an inspection around the house for cracks in the ground and the outer walls of the residence. If a residence shows signs of foundation problems, the customer needs to remember that the root cause, most likely a moisture level issue, will need to be addressed in order for the foundation repairs to last permanently.

For professional evaluation, or more ideas, give us a call or use or website to reach us.

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Tree Roots Can Cause Issues To Home Foundations

There is nothing better in the summertime than sitting under a big  Dallas tree that provides shade. Feeling the cool breeze in the hot summer air can spark all kinds of memories. But, what happens to trees when a storm hits suddenly?

Storms that have high winds, micro-burst or tornadoes strike can cause a lot of damage to trees and power lines. Homes can be damaged from storms as well. But, what can happen to a home foundation from a fallen tree?

Trees Falling Causing Foundation Problems

If a mature tree is uprooted, it can cause significant damage to the foundation of a house.

Tree roots are always searching for water and nutrients. When they are seeking water and nutrients they extend themselves. When the roots grow the soil moves causing the dirt to become more dense.

Four Ways Trees Can Impact Your Home

A root system can spread as far under the soil as the tree is tall. If a tree is close to your house the root system can bury itself under the foundation of your home. This can do many things to your home’s foundation.

  • Absorb the moisture in the soil around the foundation
  • Cause soil to shrink around the property
  • Cause foundation cracks
  • Cause settling in around the home
When a tree falls the root systems can pull up through the ground. If anything is in the way of the root system it can disrupt that area. Damage can be found in soil, a home or concrete around the effected area. This will cause voids in the area of where the roots had grown.

Foundation Problems Due to Plants Around The House

Shrubs and decorative plants can also cause issues to a foundation. During the dry season plants and shrubs will absorb all available moisture in the ground. The best thing to do as a homeowner is to add about 2 - 4 inches of mulch under the plants to help the soil maintain moisture.

If you have plant beds around your house it is best to keep the beds watered in the hot summer months. A soaker hose would be preferred. Leave the soaker hose on for at least 30 minutes. This will feed your plants and keep the soil around your foundation moist.

Contact Premier Foundation Specialists 

If you have experienced a tree loss due to high winds caused by a micro-burst, tornado or straight line winds in the Dallas area you will want to call an arborist first. In the event you felt your foundation move because of the tree falling, call Premier Foundation Repair. We will inspect your foundation. All of our estimates are free to homeowners. Call us at 972-417-0823.

Trees Roots Can Cause Foundation Problems

Choosing a Contractor for a Bathroom Remodel

Julie Miller
 June 4, 2017
Your bathroom remodel should begin by gathering recommendations. What’s the easiest way of doing this? Simply by word of mouth. Talk to family, friends, and members of your community! Who did they hire? Would they hire them again? If you know someone who has given you a recommendation, ask if you can see the work that was done on their project. We suggest getting 2-4 reliable recommendations, as too many can get confusing quickly.

Then, set up meetings with the contractors you’re choosing from. Ask for photos from past bathroom remodels that they've completed. Focus on their expertise in working with small spaces. A different skill set is needed depending on if the remodel will be done in a small or large space. Talk about your specific needs and vision. Be sure to leave plenty of time for the contractor to tell you all that they can do.  Most importantly, make sure to ask for references from their past customers. Take notes of your thoughts throughout each meeting!

Next, check the references you’ve obtained. Reach out to those past customers and ask questions. Did the contractor stay in budget and complete the job in a timely manner? Would they recommend the contractor to friends and family? Were they happy with the outcome? Was there anything they wish they had done differently?

When finally selecting a company, pay attention to the length of time the business has been operating, their BBB ratings, and any possible negative reviews, lawsuits, etc. Most companies that have been in business for a long time will likely have some sort of negative feedback. But, the question is, how was it handled? Did the company try to rectify the problem? Was it handled professionally? Or was it completely disregarded? Once you’ve made your decision and begin the “contract phase”, keep paying attention! Make sure that the contract is detailed and specific to everything you’ve discussed. Among other things, the contract should certainly include: 
  • How disputes will be resolved
  • Time-frame and payment schedule
  • Project milestones
  • How change-orders are handled
  • A well-detailed, professionally drafted project plan

Should you need any help in finding a contractor for a bathroom remodel, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Give Premier Foundation Repair a call (972-417-0823) or check out our website. We’d be more than happy to help.

Benefits Of Our Foundation Piers

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Julie Miller
 March 21, 2017
The soils in Texas are tough on homes and many homeowners will have foundation problems at some point. Cracks in the walls, and doors and windows that stick shut are a common sign of foundation problems. If you start to notice these issues in your home, it is important to have a professional inspect your home. Cracks left alone will continue to get worse which can lead to expensive repairs.

If you find yourself in need of foundation repair, follow these quick tips. Remain calm and do some research. Find a reputable company that has been around a while. Dallas is filled with foundation repair companies that use cheap concrete piers that will not last. The piers are going to protect your biggest investment.

At Premier Foundation Repair, we use DynaPier® foundation piers to repair and restore the integrity of your home. The reasons are simple, the DynaPier® has several distinct advantages over the competition. This piering system was built to last and provides superior strength other piers can not match.

Advantages of the DynaPier®
For example, it is one of the only piers on the market that is constructed of both concrete and steel. It uses the strength of both to permanently support your home. Second, it is installed directly beneath the footer of your home, which means that the structure will not be weakened by drilling into it. Several companies drill holes into the footing which can compromise the structural integrity of the footing.

Another huge benefit is that the DynaPier® is pressed all the way to bedrock or hard strata, until it reaches the point of resistance. This means that the pier is pressed until it can’t be pushed any further. Most other companies use piers that rely on the friction from the soil to hold them in place. When the soil shrinks and expands due to weather conditions these piers settle and so does the house they’re supposed to be holding up.

It’s easy to see why our piering system is superior to our competition. If your foundation shows signs of settling, like cracks in the walls and ceilings, doors and windows that stick or unlevel floors, contact Premier Foundation Repair

Does Your Home Need Foundation Repair?

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Julie Goines
 January 30, 2017
There are several types of home foundations, poured concrete, cinder block, slab, etc. Most Dallas, TX home foundations are made up of concrete poured over steel rebar to form a slab. The steel is in place to keep the concrete from moving and to assist in holding it together. The combination of steel and concrete forms a strong foundation. But, as most Texas homeowners know, the soils here can wreak havoc on a the structure of a home. A little settlement is normal in a home, so how do you know if you need to have your property professionally repaired?

First let's recap the common signs of a failing foundation. Cracks in the drywall, exterior walls or ceiling, doors and windows that stick shut, and uneven floors. These are the major signs that you should have your foundation inspected. However, don't panic just yet, your home might be ok.

Pay Attention to the Details
Be sure to keep an eye on your home and take note of any sudden changes. If you have the same hairline crack in your drywall or ceiling that has been there for 10 years with no change, your home likely has minor settlement issues that does not require immediate action. However if that same crack started at six inches and grew to larger than two feet in only a few months, it is time to have it evaluated by a professional before it gets worse.

Some doors and windows will stick slightly depending on the season as the soil shrinks and expands with the weather. But if a door or window in your house will no longer open or close, it is a good idea to call and have your property evaluated.
Call Premier Foundation Repair for a free home estimate.

Tips For Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

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Julie Miller
 December 12, 2016
So you just found out that your home has major foundation damage and needs to be repaired. You have noticed cracks in the walls, but were hoping they would go away. It turns out the house is settling and needs foundation pier system. Until now, you have never even heard of pier system, so now what do you do? Don’t panic, call the experts at Premier Foundation Repair.

We put together a few tips to help you through the process as you meet with Dallas foundation repair companies.

Research the company.
This seems like a no brainer, but it is important to take some time to research the company. Read the company’s website and learn about their products. Find out how long they have been in business? It is very important to hire an established company, rather than a company that might not be around to honor their warranties. At Premier, we’ve been serving the Dallas metro for over 30 years.
Here are a few more important questions to ask. What kind of pier system do they use? What are the benefits of their piers? Do they offer a warranty on their products? Also, be sure to look online for some reviews. Most companies will have reviews on Google, Angie’s List, HomeAdvisor, etc.

Research the Products
There are several different types of foundation piers available, and every company likes to boast of how their system is the best. It is important to take the time to educate yourself about the pier system that a company uses to fix your foundation. Any quality repair company will have extensive information about their products. There are a lot of cheap piers on the market that will fail relatively quickly. At Premier Foundation Repair, we offer a couple choices of piers depending on what works best for the homeowner.

Pay Attention to the Details
It is important to pay close attention to your whole experience with each foundation repair company. Was the company polite on the phone when you called them to schedule an appointment? You can tell a lot about how a company treats it’s customers by their customer service on the phone. Was the technician that evaluated your house professional and knowledgeable? Does the company warranty their products? Be sure that the company is friendly and customer oriented. This means they will take care of your property and your needs.
Please contact us for a free estimate.

Signs of Foundation Problems

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Julie Miller
 November 2, 2016
There are several warning signs that your home might need foundation repair. It is important to pay attention to your home and watch for anything unusual. We want to share some common warning signs. If you notice these around your house, give us a call.

Cracks in the Foundation & Dry Wall
We get a lot of phone calls for cracks in the slab, cracks in the dry wall and ceilings, as well as cracks on the exterior walls of the home. Cracks typically mean that the home has settled in some areas causing part of the structure to shift or sink. This unbalance causes the foundation to separate and crack, and as a result the walls will start to crack. Installing a pier system will solve the problem.

Doors & Windows are Sticking
Another common issue is when doors and windows begin to stick and become difficult to open and close. This is often a sign that the home has settled. The settlement has placed extra pressure on the door frame which makes it difficult to open and close. Most likely the home will need some foundation piers to level the home and fix the problem.

As a home owner it is important to do some research on the different types of pier systems that each repair company uses. At Premier Foundation Repair, we offer a few different options of foundation piers. We like to give our home owners a couple of choices.

Free Home Estimates
If you see signs that your home may need foundation repairs, call us and we will come do a free home estimate. It is important to remember that proactive foundation repair is much less expensive than reactive. Often times home owners can save themselves a lot of money by fixing a problem early rather than waiting to long for it to get worse. So call Premier Foundation Repair today for a free home estimate.