Foundation Repair Questions

How do I know if I have foundation problems?
The typical signs of foundation issues are cracks in the sheetrock, uneven floors, sticking doors or cracked ceramic floor tiles. These signs indicate something has moved in the house from the original position but they do not necessarily signify foundation problems. We have seen hundreds of cases over the last +30 years and can help you determine if you do need foundation repairs and how big the job will be if necessary.

What can I do to fix the foundation?
Foundation repairs are not DIY projects. It involves heavy machinery, cement, structural engineering know-how and experience with the Texas' soils. You will need a structural inspection performed by a professional foundation inspector with experience in North Texas soils. 

How much will it cost?
You can imagine that each job is unique and can vary from very small to very large depending on the size of the structure, the extend of the damage and the condition of the ground under and around the foundations. Premier Foundation Repair Inc has always given the best value to our Dallas and surrounding customers. We do not up-sell or add extra fees to increase the final cost. 
We offer free estimates to homeowners!

Will I be able to sell my house after the repairs?
Most Texans know that there are two types or homes... the first has had foundation repairs, the second one will. Due to our very expansive soil, foundation repairs are somewhat common, especially in North Texas. Premier Foundation Repair Inc will provide a fully transferable warranty for your and the next owner piece of mind. So, not only will you be able to sell your house, it may actually be a plus for the next owner that the foundation repairs were done correctly and reliably.

Does insurance covers foundation repairs?
Most home insurance policies do not cover foundation repairs... unless they are caused by other factors like a leaking pipe or other plumbing issues.

How much time to I have to do the foundation repairs?
You don't need to panic. At the same time, you can't wait a long time to get the foundation repairs fixed. Time is not on your side and the foundation problems will not improve on their own. A neglected foundation with issue can cause plumbing issue and leaks that may just make things much worst. We offer financing for your foundation repair project to get the repairs started as soon as possible.

What causes foundation problems?
Lots of different causes but in Dallas and surrounding areas, most times, the root cause is the expansive soil present in North Texas.
If you have any more foundation repair question, please call us! We would love to help.